Forum Value São Paulo 2013

(NOVEMBER 7, 2013)

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Bernardo Carvalho Ribeiro Dantas — Edge Investimentos (Rio de Janeiro)
Panel: “Investment Picks”
Founding partner with Edge Investimentos, co-responsible for fund management. Before Edge’s inception, in 2007, he worked for more than seven years in the mergers and acquisitions departments with Broadspan Capital and Banco Fleming Graphus. Bernardo Dantas graduated in Business Administration from IBMEC-RJ and received a postgraduate degree Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management from University of California - Berkeley.

Danilo Santiago — Rational Asset Management (Nova York)
Lecture: “Update on the US Equity Market and Investment Case”
Founding partner of Rational Asset and co-manager of the Rational Value Fund — a long-short hedge fund, co-managed with Claudio Skilnik, which has firmed a partnership with Turim Investimentos, one of the biggest multi-family offices in Brazil. Having started its operations in April 2008, Rational focuses on publicly traded, liquid US equities and differentiates from most funds in that it has a quasi-static knowledge base of proprietary company analyses. Before founding Rational, Danilo Santiago worked for three years on a multi-billion dollar, fundamental-focused hedge fund in New York and, prior to that, spent six years at McKinsey & Co, also in New York, mostly at the Corporate Finance Practice. Danilo Santiago has an Electrical Engineering degree from USP and an MBA from Columbia Business School — where he currently teaches Valuation.

Fabio Carvalho — Orbe Investimentos (São Paulo)
Lecture: “Investment Picks: In-depth Analysis”
Founding partner with Orbe Investimentos, responsible for the areas of investment analysis and fund management. Formerly, he worked with FAMA Investimentos. He has 18 years of experience in financial markets, focusing on managing equity portfolios, and is responsible for managing, among others, the fund Value Orbe FIA. Fabio Carvalho received a graduate degree in Business from Mackenzie University and has an MBA in Financial and Actuarial Management from FEA-USP. He is a member of Apimec and IBGC (Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa).

Gabriel Andrade — Opus Gestão de Recursos (São Paulo)
Lecture: “Distressed-debt Investing in Brasil”
Partner with Opus Gestão de Recursos and co-manager of its distressed debt strategy. Has 15 years of experience in financial markets, mostly dedicated to stressed assets, having worked with private equity at CVC/Opportunity Equity Partners and as head of financial consulting on distressed assets at Arsenal Investimentos. Gabriel Andrade graduated in Law from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

Luiz Chrysostomo de Oliveira Filho — NEO Investimentos (Rio de Janeiro)
Lecture: “Investing in Infrastructure: The Challenges and Opportunities for Brazilian Growth
Partner with NEO Investimentos, Luiz Chrysostomo de Oliveira Filho is the Director of the Instituto de Estudos de Política Econômica - Casa das Garças, President of ANBIMA’s Ethics Committee, and a former Director at ANBID. He is a member of the Board of Directors of several companies and co-author of many articles and books about Capital Markets and Corporate Finance. He was the general manager of the investment banks JPMorgan and Chase Manhattan, in which he was a member of the Executive Committee for Brazil and Latin America. He was a partner with Banco Patrimônio de Investimentos and headed the Privatization Department of Brazil’s National Social Development Bank (BNDES). Luiz Chrysostomo de Oliveira Filho graduated in Economics from PUC-RJ, received his Master’s in Economics from the same university, and has a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from Wharton. He has been a professor at the Economics Departments of Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro and of Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF).

Mohamed Mourabet — Victoire Brasil Investimentos (São Paulo)
Lecture: “The Value Discipline and Portfolio Construction Processes”
Manager of the long-and-short strategy, senior analyst, and coordinator of the long-and-short strategy’s investment process at Victoire Brasil Investimentos. With 22 years of experience in investment management, Mohamed Mourabet has been head of equities at Citigroup Asset Management in Brazil, where he was directly responsible for the management of more than one billion dollars. For three consecutive years, funds under his management received several awards from Forbes Magazine, Individual Investor Magazine, Moody’s, and newspapers O Estado de São Paulo and Gazeta Mercantil. He worked for Flemings Investment Management, in London, as a senior analyst to the Emerging Market Portfolio Group, before being appointed the firm’s director and legal representative in Brazil, managing more than one billion dollars in equities. He started his career as an auditor at Ernst & Young International, in Paris. Mohamed Mourabet graduated from Universidade Paris IX Dauphine with “Maitrise des Sciences de la Gestion” and “Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées (DESS) en gestion des entreprises dans les pays en voie de développement”. He holds the IMRO (Investment Management Research Organization — full associate degree) certificate. He has served as an officer in the French army and holds a French National Defense medal of honor.

Paulo Belliboni — M Square Investimentos (São Paulo)
Panel: “Investment Picks”
Partner with M Square Investimentos since January 2012 and member of its Brazilian equities investment team since July 2010. Paulo Belliboni graduated in Economics from Insper.

Paulo Weickert — Apex Capital (São Paulo)
Panel: “Investment Picks”
Founding partner with Apex Capital, an independent investment management company focused exclusively on equities, with a strong compromise with its investment process and with fundamental analysis. He is responsible for the analysis team and is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. With 10 years of professional experience, he was a partner at Quest Investimentos, where he was a stock analyst from 2008 to 2011. Formerly, he was a member of Santander’s team. Paulo Weickert graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and, in 2010, was awarded the CFA — Chartered Financial Analyst — designation.

Philipe Biolchini — First Value Capital (São Paulo)
Lecture: “Behavioural Finance and Value Investing” - Part 2”
(For Part 1, click here; to read the transcript click here — Portuguese only)

Founding partner with First Value Capital, an investment management firm whose approach is based on traditional value investing and Behavioural Finance. With more than 20 years of experience in financial markets, he was Treasurer at ING Bank, CFO with Louis Dreyfus Commodities and Minerva S.A., a director at Itaú Asset Management, and partner at Banco Icatu. Philipe Biolchini started his career at Banco Pactual. He graduated in Economics from Candido Mendes (Rio de Janeiro) and, in 2002, was awarded the CFA — Chartered Financial Analyst — designation.

Rafael Alves Rodrigues — Rio Bravo Investimentos (São Paulo)
Panel: “Investment Picks”
Head of equities at Rio Bravo Investimentos since January 2009. Started at Rio Bravo in 2006, working at the value-activist fund as an equity analyst. Formerly, Rafael Rodrigues was a consultant with Accenture and worked at the equities desk at Corretora Ativa. He was a member of the Board of Directors with Copasa and, for two years, a member of the Audit Committee with Cremer. Rafael Rodrigues graduated in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas and, in 2011, was awarded the CFA — Chartered Financial Analyst — designation.

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